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Ever questioned what are these little chips? Named names?

This text discusses varied minorities which are out there on the cell market.

MS Reminiscence Stick is a detachable reminiscence card that was launched by Sony in October 1998 and can be generally used to explain the household by Reminiscence Stick. This household contains Reminiscence Stick Professional, a assessment that permits for max storage capability and quicker file switch pace and Reminiscence Stick Duo, which is a small a part of Reminiscence Stick. × 21.5 × 2.eight

Reminiscence Stick Duo

MS Duo × × 1.6 mm

Reminiscence Stick Duo, which is barely smaller than the competitors of the Safe Digital format, was developed to reply to Sony's want for reminiscence flash reminiscence playing cards for digital digital cameras and cell telephones, in addition to Sony PSP. Reminiscence Stick Duos can be found in the identical variant as their bigger cousins ​​(regular ones restricted to 128 MB, bigger Professional Sticks, with and with out excessive pace mode, with and with out MagicGate assist) and easy adapters (usually offered with Reminiscence Stick Duo) permit Duo to Use in any machine that may settle for their bigger cousins.

Reminiscence Stick Micro M2 × 12.5 × 1.2 mm


In collaboration with SanDisk, Sony introduced a brand new Reminiscence Stick Format on September 30, 2005. The brand new Reminiscence Stick M2 ("micro") measures 15 × 12.5 × 1.2 mm and will theoretically have 32GB sooner or later. The utmost transmission pace is 160MB / s.

32 × 24 × 1.5 mm

The MMC card or MultiMediaCard was launched in 1997 by SanDisk Company and Siemens AG. At that time, the MMC card was the smallest reminiscence card, in regards to the dimension of stamps, in the marketplace based mostly on flash reminiscence expertise. The MMC card is similar to the Safe Digital Reminiscence Card, in actual fact, the SD reminiscence card is predicated on the MMC card. They’ve nearly the identical parts. The one distinction is that the SD reminiscence playing cards are barely thicker they usually have a protect change.

Because the MMC card had a sluggish switch fee of two.5 MB / sec, in comparison with different reminiscence playing cards, primarily in comparison with SD reminiscence playing cards, a brand new model of the MMC card was launched in 2005 by the identify MMCplus. MMCplus presently has the best, as much as 52 MB / sec, theoretical information switch fee in your entire reminiscence card.

The MultiMediaCard Affiliation introduced that by the top of 2005, the SecureMMC utility will solely be out there for MMCplus and MMCmobile reminiscence playing cards. SecureMMC is a copyright safety program that features DRM, Digital Rights Administration and VPN, Digital Non-public Community, capabilities.


16 × 24 × 1.5 mm

] MMCmobile -MMC

Lowered Dimension MultiMediaCard, RS-MMC, was launched in 2003 by the MultiMediaCard Affiliation (MMCA) because the second picture reminiscence card within the MultiMediaCard household. RS-MMC is a smaller model of the usual MMC card, roughly half the dimensions, and was particularly designed to be used with cell phones and different small moveable gadgets.

16 × 24 × 1.5 mm

In 2005, Twin Voltage (DV) RS-MMC was launched. Principally, it's the identical card as an everyday RS-MMC, however works with twin voltages, 1.8V and three.3V, which ends up in decreased energy consumption that contributes to a longer-lasting battery life for the . The DV RS-MMC and RS-MMC are absolutely suitable with one another, however since some cell phones, primarily from Nokia, solely work with 1.8V playing cards, common RS-MMC is not going to work. We suggest that you simply all the time buy Twin Voltage RS-MMC to ensure that the reminiscence card will work with the digital machine. MMCmicro MMCmicro MMCmicro ]

12 × 14 × 1.1 mm

MMCmicro, beforehand referred to as S-CARD launched by Samsung, was permitted and launched in 2005 by the MultiMediaCard Affiliation (MMCA) because the third picture coin Reminiscence Card within the MultiMediaCard household. MMCmicro is the smallest, in regards to the dimension of the fingers, the reminiscence card within the media media and among the many smallest on this planet. It was particularly designed to be used in cell phones and different small moveable gadgets.

The MMCmicro reminiscence card is out there with an adapter, MMCplus. This not solely complies with all MMC and MMCplus slots but in addition on all SD reminiscence playing cards. It is very important notice that music saved on MultiMediaCards can’t play again when inserted into SD reminiscence card slot as a consequence of safety features supported by SD slots.

Since MMCmicro is the most recent reminiscence card that will likely be developed and launched in the marketplace, it isn’t suitable with many cell and digital gadgets but. It’s nonetheless anticipated to be one of many reminiscence card codecs that may dominate the cell phone firm among the many microSD entrance cowl and Reminiscence Stick Micro.

Safe Digital Card


32 × 24 × 2.1 mm

SD Reminiscence Card or Safe Digital was launched In 2001 by SanDisk Company, Matsushita (Panasonic) and Toshiba. The SD reminiscence card was based mostly on the MultiMediaCard, MMC, reminiscence card and has nearly the identical picture dimension, the dimensions of the stamp, the one distinction is that the SD reminiscence card is barely thicker and has write safety change. As a result of the MMC playing cards are thinner than SD reminiscence playing cards, they can be utilized in all SD reminiscence playing cards, however not vice versa.

The SD reminiscence card is in the present day the most typical reminiscence card. It may be present in most digital cameras, PDAs and lots of different digital gadgets. You should use the SD reminiscence card for a couple of reminiscence card. SDIO, Safe Digital In & Out, is a typical identify for a number of growth gadgets, which will be discovered on the SD Reminiscence Card. The SDIO module will be inserted into the slot and used for different features comparable to Bluetooth adapter, GPS receiver, digital cameras, TV servers, and so forth. ]

21.5 × 20 × 1.four Mm

MiniSD was launched in 2003 by SanDisk Company in collaboration with Matsushita (Panasonic) and Toshiba. Later this 12 months, the miniSD format was tailored by SD Card Affiliation as a second capturing reminiscence card within the Safe Digital household. MiniSD is a smaller model of the SD reminiscence card format, about 60% much less in quantity and presents the identical advantages and the SD reminiscence card expects the write safety change.

MiniSD was designed particularly to be used in Small moveable electronics comparable to digital cameras and cell telephones. Nonetheless, since all miniSD reminiscence playing cards are all the time included with an SD reminiscence card adapter, they’re suitable with all SD reminiscence playing cards, thus offering compatibility with the quickest rising variety of SD reminiscence card gadgets available in the market.

MiniSD The place else, by SD reminiscence card, reminiscence card made by the SD Card Affiliation, which in the present day consists of three members. In 2005, microSD was launched because the third and smallest member of the Safe Digital household.

] microSD Card also called Transflash


] 11 × 15 × 1 mm

rashFlash, previously referred to as T -Flash, was launched by SanDisk Company in 2004 because the world's smallest reminiscence card, roughly The scale of your finger TransFlash was particularly designed to be used on cell phones. Motorola was the primary cell phone firm to repair the TransFlash reminiscence card.

Within the third quarter of 2005, TransFlash was tailored by SD Card Affiliation as a third-generation reminiscence card within the Safe Digital household by SD Reminiscence Card and miniSD. After approval, TransFlash modified its identify to microSD. The microSD has the precise dimension and specs of TransFlash, so each reminiscence playing cards are absolutely suitable with one another.

At present, the microSD mostly used reminiscence card in cell phones and SD Card Affiliation is the aim of creating microSD a factual reminiscence card normal for all cell phones. All TransFlash and microSD playing cards all the time include an SD reminiscence card adapter that makes them suitable with all SD reminiscence playing cards. The microSD is roughly 10% relative to SD reminiscence card and about 30% in comparison with miniSD. xD


20 × 25 × 1.7 mm

xD-Image Card was launched in 2002 by Fuji Movie and Olympus as a substitute of an older SmartMedia Card. It’s completely manufactured by Toshiba and will be discovered completely below the identify Fuji Movie and Olympus.

The xD-Image Card format was developed to be used in digital cameras and is used completely in Fuji Films and Olympus digital cameras. Just like the SmartMedia Card, the xD-Image Card doesn’t have a chip chip, which makes it doable to have a small picture issue, however on the identical time it makes it dependable for the operator of the tile .

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