Be sure you purchase the Gerber LMF II knife and the dial with infrared pink resistor

I've carried out a variety of analysis on Gerber LMF II knives and located tons of misinformation on-line. One of many newest issues I've uncovered considerations the Inexperienced LMF II ASEK knife.

I’ve discovered many sellers who’ve registered Gerber LMF II knives wrongly on their websites. Ever since calling the Camel Brown knife, ASEK says that the dial for the Black Infantry knife is infrared-resistant. Right here you will see the reality about these knives. My data is supported by a correspondence with Gerber Shopper.

We are going to begin with the Foliage Inexperienced LMF II ASEK knife mannequin # 22-01627. The deal with on this knife and the pores and skin is (IR) resistant.

Subsequent to the Foliage Inexperienced LMF II Infantry Knife Mannequin # 22-01626. The deal with on this knife and the pores and skin is (IR) resistant.

Now for the Foliage Inexperienced LMF II Knife Mannequin # 22-01117. Sure, you’ll be able to simply purchase the knife and sure, the deal with is immune.

You too can purchase the dial, mannequin # 22-01118. It’s also (IR) immune.

Will you see a sample? Among the flowers Inexperienced knives and hides have infrared resistance primarily based on them.

Now right here is an important factor. Not one of the different LMF II knives or smoothness is infrared resistant.

You will note the Lamba LMF II Survival knife referred to as ASEK and it has IR resistance, however no such knife is current. The Camel Brown LMF II knife comes solely in Survival and Infantry variations. The identical applies to the Black LMF II knife, aside from the infantry model.

Watch out when shopping for your LMF II knives on-line. It’s best to purchase from a good supplier and whether it is doable to make use of the mannequin to substantiate that you’ve the right knife.

Supply by Marlin Zeller

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